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Sake List

Karatanba 720.png

Ozeki Dry 180 ml  $8

Ozeki Dry sake is a dry sake with a refreshing fruity flavor and tastes best when served chilled. This is an excellent choice for first time sake drinkers due to its lower alcohol content and smooth taste. Freshly brewed in California.

Karatanba  300 ml  $15, 
720 ml  $28

Ozeki’s unique brewing technology brings out the rich and crisp flavor yet dry taste of “Karatamba” that pairs well with any cuisine enhancing the taste. “Karatamba” is an excellent Honjozo-shu that can be enjoyed chilled or warmed any time of year. The perfect sake to indulge your taste buds.

Hakutsuru Junmai 180 ml  $8

Using the finest rice and pure natural spring water from Mount Rokko, it is fermented with Hakutsuru’s unique technique, “Keikai-tsukuri”. It is characterized by its smooth and semi-dry taste.

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Sake List

Shochikubai prem gin.jpg
Yaegaki Nigori Sake.jpg

Sho Chiku Bai Premium Ginjo 300 ml $13

This dry, delicate and fruity sake features a smooth, silky texture, tinged with aromas and flavors of pear, melon, honeysuckle, custard and nutmeg. The finish is clean and refreshing with an emerging taste of lightly salted fruit.
Kosher Certified Free, sulfite free, gluten free

Yaegaki Nigori Sake 300 ml $15

TASTING NOTES Opaque, creamy white-ivory color. Aromas of freshly sliced red radish, white peppercorn, and ripe pineapple husk with a lightly chunky, fruity medium body and a mango, chalk, and pineapple sauce finish. 2012 BTI World Wine Championships 81pt (Recommended) Classification
Nigori Created with Yamada-Nishiki (best sake rice) Perfect balance between sweetness & acidity All Natural with no additives. Big quality differences in Domestic AND Imported products The word “NIGORI” means “Cloudy” This is rich & dense, creamy-type Nigori that is mildly sweet. The rice grain used in this product is called “Yamada Nishiki”, considered the best sake brewing rice in Japan. The rice sediments you find in this bottle are that of Yamada Nishiki. Many nigori have added sugar or rice particles to get the sweetness, but this product’s sweetness is all natural.

Ozeki Hana Awaka.jpg

Ozeki Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake 250 ml $15

  • Type: Junmai Sparkling

  • Flavor: Light & Fresh

  • Characteristics: Ozeki Hana Awaka (Sparkling Flower) is a refreshing, fizzy, low-alcohol sake. This light, pleasant bubbly sake is just perfect as brunch and after-work drinks. Ozeki Hana Awaka has a mild sweetness and acidity. Serve very well chilled.

  • Alcohol: 7%

  • Acidity: 2.9

  • Food Pairing: Matches sweet dishes and desserts

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Sake List

shochikubai rei.jpeg

Sho Chiku Bai REI Daiginjo 300 ml $12

REI presents with a hint of white flowers, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon. In the mouth, this sake is smooth and lightly creamy—its savoriness increasing as the sake warms gradually in the glass. Delightlful fruit and floral notes of this daiginjo make it a delicious all-occasion drink. More so than a typical daiginjo sake, the soft and full body character of REI Junmai DaiGinjo opens it to a wider variety of food pairing.
Kosher Certified Free, sulfite free, gluten free

Kizakura Tokusen Hana 300 ml $18

Hana Kizakura is clean, light and semi sweet Junmai Ginjo sake with beautiful floral fragrance up front from Kizakura original Hana Kobo (flower yeast) and crisp finish at the end. Alcohol contents are only 12% so the attack on a front palate is soft and gentle. Best drink chilled.


Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Silky Mild 375 ml $12

  • Nigori Silky Mild emits the fruity aromas and flavors of ripe banana, vanilla, melon, strawberry, and creamy sweet rice custard. Slightly sweeter than Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Crème de Sake, its milky-white appearance previews the characteristically full, smooth palate of the nigori sake type.

  • Kosher Certified Free, sulfite free, gluten free

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Sake List

mango nigori.jpg
Homare Strawberry.jpg

Kukai Nigori Mango Cream 300 ml $14

Dense, rich, creamy and sweet, bursting and refreshing mango.  Bright and tropical, a jucy, fresh take on a popular rice liqueur.  Alcohol 7-8%.  From Kochi Japan.

Homare Strawberry Nigori 300 ml $16

Sweet, thick and full of rich strawberry flavor. This sake is very much a low alcohol strawberry smoothie.

Aizu Homare Junmai Ala.jpg

Aizu Homare Junmai Aladdin 300 ml $18

  • Full of the fruity aroma coming from the "Utsukushima Yume" yeast developed by Fukushima prefecture, this pure rice liquor is served in our elegant blue bottles so that you may enjoy its refreshing taste.

  • Dry or Sweet:    Dry

  • Recommended Temperature   5~10℃

  • Alcohol Percentage   15~16 %


  • Homare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a time-honored sake brewery established in 1918. Since 2013, it has won the gold award for five years in a row in The International Wine Challenge, the world’s most respected blind-taste wine competition. Moreover, it received the Champion Sake in 2015 out of 876 bottles

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Sake List

Aizu Homare Nigori.jpg

Aizu Homare Nigori Aladdin 300 ml $18

·       The banana-like fruity aroma balances the sweetness and the sourness by improving the fresh taste of the drink. Served in the pretty pink bottle, this drink looks appealing not only because of the drink but the appearance as well. Technical notes Commonly referred to as “unfiltered” sake, nigori literally means”cloudy”, and refers to sake that still contains rice solids that have not fermented.  Nigori generally have anywhere from a slight fizz to a full-on sparkle.  Alcohol: 15.5%

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